• Société du Grand Paris is using UrbanSim to evaluate the impacts of the Grand Paris Express metro project on development patterns in the greater Paris region.source code on github

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    • xBIM provides a rich API to the IFC data standard.
    • If you would like to create bespoke BIM applications, or extensions to existing BIM software, xBIM provides an open-source platform for the creation of multiple BIM tools



  • Damien Antoni architecte est basé à Paris et en Corse, et réalise des projets d’architecture, des études urbaines, des projets de recherche sur la périphérie des métropoles, l’architecture, le low-tech, et l’écologie. Il enseigne le projet architectural à l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Lille dans le domaine Matérialité.Damien Antoni architecte suit une démarche d’économie d’énergie et de matière et utilise uniquement de l’électricité de source renouvelable

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    • We are now entering a period in which geospatial (and other) data about cities is growing enormously
    • Managers and policy people are searching for approaches that better leverage this digital data to improve decision making and government management
    • dynamically combining data from multiple distributed databases
    • The other key building block enabling this new architecture is the exposing of data as services using protocols such as REST. These services are increasingly used to support a whole new world of GIS application development that supports operational workflows, analytics, decision support, and citizen engagement.
    • More real-time data about cities is becoming available
    • so-called e-gov revolution will be supported using web services that provide access to distributed data sources
    • As cities enable their information, people everywhere will be able to openly compare cities
    • GIS-based scoring system












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    • With Jira, we add any additional information we see valuable to track for each issue
    • measure the flow rate of the coordination team
    • When you cross reference the flow rate to the subcontractors that helped coordinate that room type, it may help you decide whether you should hire that subcontractor for the next job or not.
    • needs to be an information manager that cares for the system
    • capture clean, accurate, and useful data
    • Jira charts do not allow you to investigate correlations between two seemingly disparate attributes. For that you can extract the data out of Jira and use Tableau!




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    • Le Honduras est en passe de réaliser une application de la Blockchain à un domaine a-priori inattendu: le suivi des titres fonciers
    • outil de cadastre numérique
    • Il s’agirait donc de se fonder sur la Blockchain pour savoir qui possède quoi à l’intérieur des frontières nationales
















  • Blockchain for BIM managers ?

    tags:blockchain BIM contracts management parametrics

    • Building Information Modeling (BIM) and parametric design tools could open new design-oriented uses of blockchain data. This could fundamentally change the relationships between designers, users and clients.
    • Blockchain management tools can ‘horizontally integrate’ design, construction and occupancy.
    • blockchain can execute major tasks that could increase large scale adoption of co-housing through:
      Unique crowdfunding systems
      Collaborative design voting systems
      Quantifying reputation value
      Managing shared property transactions
      Custom payment systems
      Dispute resolution tools
      Land title registries
      Secure lending mechanisms
      Transparency & fraud prevention
    • effective and equitable data infrastructure that can enable truly decentralized interaction between inhabitants, designers and property.
    • The blockchain offers solutions that can be implemented in a wide range of scales and phases of a project, from design and construction to occupancy and property management
    • One less explored area of blockchain application is integration with industry standard design software
    • Real-time data is already being piped into architectural modeling to analyze structural capacity, weather conditions, user experience, and costs
    • Blockchain can both secure this data in new ways and enable forms of collective design that have historically been difficult to quantify and represent.
    • Blockchain + BIM
    • The blockchain can provide a useful tool for managing and recording changes to the BIM model throughout the design and construction phases by using smart contracts to negotiate editing privileges and storing an immutable public record of all modifications to the model
    • Blockchain + Parametric Modeling
    • Design iterations can be judged according to quantitative design goals
    • Integration of the blockchain with these kinds of software can link group-based design choices to designers who evaluate, manage and execute them according to many other building constraints.
    • Over time, the blockchain would store an immutable record of all variations of the input parameters, design goals, and script.
    • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations





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    • transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency while streamlining business processes
    • design pattern made famous by bitcoin
    • new styles of digital interactions




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